Thursday, February 7, 2013

January Check In Post

Oh my, I was certain that I already wrote up a January check in post and published it, but I do not see it here, so starting again...

Hello, fellow WIPocalypse Stitchers, and anyone else who's following along as we continue from the 2012 WIPocalypse Challenge into the 2013 WIPocalypse Challenge!  I have been working on L&L's "Sweet Dreams" off and on for years now, and my main goal this year is to finish her up.  Below is my most recent update photo.  Even though she looks close to being done, I have very little stitching time in my life because of work and school (full time on both accounts), so it may well be the end of 2013 before she's done.  But I *WILL* finish her!

That being said, the ladies over at "Cross Stitch Crazy" on Yuku are having a month long stitchathon that goes from February 10th until March 10th (I believe, those dates might be slightly off.)  In order to get the most stitching done in that time, I am setting aside "Sweet Dreams" just for the stitchathon and will be working on another of my WIPs, preferably one that has a lot of blocks of color to be filled in, since that results in the most stitches in the least amount of time for me.  On my next post, I will update which one I chose to work on.  See y'all soon!

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