Sunday, February 23, 2014

February Check In Post

February Topic: How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time?  Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!

Well, I think I have about 17 "in progress" projects that I have started but haven't finished.  However, I really just have two right now that I am working on with any regularity.  I do not rotate on a schedule, I rotate when I get bored, so I have spent all of January/February working on V's piece and now Celtic Spring.   Celtic Spring hasn't bored me yet, so I'm sticking with it for now.

And now on to monthly updates.  I have two - one on the piece I was working on for my friend, V, and one on Celtic Spring.

My friend's piece was "Angel of Cross Stitch" by Joan Elliot/Design Works.  Just a bit of back story: V did most of the stitching on this piece, but a major illness made it very difficult for her to stitch for a variety of reasons.  She asked our yuku group "Cross Stitch Crazy" if anyone would be willing to do a little stitching on it for her, and several of us agreed.  A rotation list was made, and I was the last name on the list, implying that I was going to finish the piece (yikes!)  Well, fast forward several months, almost a year, and the piece had gone to everyone else and finally made it's way to me.  While I had it, two important things happened.  First, my friend was given a trip to Walt Disney World for her and her family by a generous benefactor and she invited our mutual friend, Holly, who has an Annual Pass to WDW, to join her for a few days of her trip.  Holly contacted me and asked if I wanted to come with and surprise V (who I had not seen in person since 2003!)  The second thing that happened was the V experienced enough improvement with her illness that she has begun stitching a little bit again.  She contacted me and her questions about it gave me the impression that she wanted to put in the last stitches on AoCS, which I totally get!

So, these two things came together, and I ended up flying to Florida to surprise V not only be being there, but by bringing her almost-finished AoCS.  Here are pix of the three of us (I'm on the left, V is in the middle, and Holly is on the right) and The Angel of Cross Stitch as it looked when I returned it to Miss V.

I've also made quite a bit of progress on my Celtic Spring.  Ok, I should say that it's quite a bit for me, the queen of the slow stitchers!  Here is an update on Celtic Spring:
That's it for now, see y'all next month!