Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've been sooooooo sick

On Wednesday, I came down with something icky. Not sure if it's a flu or just a terrible cold, or what, but it has totally kicked my butt. I haven't gone to work, I skipped the scrapbook retreat I was supposed to go to this weekend, I've honestly barely gotten up off the couch. The one thing I have done is stitch. It is so relaxing to turn on a movie or tv show and just stitch. In fact, I find it interesting that this is actually how I started stitched at 9 years old. My mom hired this babysitter, Donna (who was a retiree), to watch me when I was home sick from school because neither my mom or dad had sick leave that they could use when a kid was sick. Donna used to bring her cross stitching with her and she would stitch while I watched tv. Once I asked her if she could teach me, and the next time she came over (I was sick a lot), she brought a simple kit for me to try. I picked it up quickly, and have been stitching ever since!

Well, after 4 days on the sofa, here is where I am with Celtic Summer!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In awe of all of the amazing stitchers out there

I have been going through all of the blog updates for WIPocalypse, and I am absolutely in awe of many of these stitchers. Some of them have made an amazing amount of progress in 9 days! While going through them has affirmed and cemented my membership in the Slow Stitcher's Club, I love seeing all of the work being done.

For those not participating in WIPocalypse, you can see all of the progress posts for January here:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Update

You know what they say about the best laid plans and all of that? My plan was to start the year stitching on Sweet Dreams. It's the piece I've been working on for most of 2011 (not that I stitched that much in 2011!) and I'm not bored with it, so the plan was to just continue.

However, for some reason, the last week of December, Celtic Summer just kind of started calling my name. I picked it up on New Year's and haven't stitched on anything else since! I am actually really happy with the progress I've made, but not sure why I haven't been motivated to work on Sweet Dreams.

Anyway, here is what Celtic Summer looked like before I started on it:

And here's what it looks like today:

I have no update pix of the others, as I haven't worked on them at all. But maybe I will next month!