Friday, April 5, 2013

March Check In

Now the the issues with the Feb. check in post have been resolved, I can move on to the March check in post.  So, without further ado...

Hi, again, everyone!  After the month-long stitchathon over at Cross Stitch Crazy, I took a break from stitching to focus on schoolwork.  On March 24th, however, my hubby and I left for an 8 day cruise, and Celtic Spring made the journey with us.  I did not do a ton of work on it (I was, after all, busy cruising!), but I made some progress.  The newest picture is below. This week, I am going to return to Sweet Dreams in an effort to get closer to finishing.  Then on 4-15, it's Stitchathon time again, so I will hop back onto Celtic Spring for that week.  See y'all in a month!  -JoAnna

February Check In

NOTE: This was originally written on March 14th, but for some reason did not publish correctly.  Sorry I did not notice that right away!  Here is the original post from 3-14:

Now that the month-long stitchathon at "Cross Stitch Crazy" is over, I can share my progress on L&L's Celtic Spring.  Before this stitchathon, it had just a handful of stitches done, and I added a little over 1600 more since February 10th.

For the month of March, I am going to continue on Celtic Spring a bit, and