Monday, August 20, 2012

August Check In Post

Over the last month, I have been able to do more stitching than I have all year, which I'm so happy about (especially because I know that September will be super busy and I may not get to stitch at all!)  One thing that has really helped spur me on is the "Stitchathon" that is held monthly over on the Cross Stitch Crazy yuku board.

The three projects I am currently working on are "Celtic Seasons" by Mike Vickery, "Celtic Christmas" by L&L and "Sweet Dreams" by L&L.  "Celtic Seasons" was started as a round robin years ago and has been sitting in a to-do pile.  I've added a couple hundred stitches to it in the last month.  "Celtic Christmas" only had about 25 stitches in it (total!) at the beginning of July, so it's got a pretty good start now.  And "Sweet Dreams" is my pet project right now.  It is definitely the piece I've added the most to, and I am really hoping to finish it in 2012!

Without further ado, here are my update pix from July/August:

"Celtic Seasons" by Mike Vickery

"Celtic Christmas" by Lavender & Lace

"Sweet Dreams" by Lavender & Lace